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Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana

  • Ayushman Bharat - Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (Your Health, Our commitment)

    Ayushman Bharat - Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana is a National flagship scheme of the Government of India, which aims to reduce the financial burden of the poor and vulnerable groups. Under the scheme, Rs 5 lakhs coverage per eligible family per year for secondary and tertiary care as cashless treatment in the empanelled hospitals is given. All families listed in the SECC-2011 database as per defined criteria are covered. Under AB-PMJAY there are 1350 procedures covering 25 specialties. List of procedures is as follows-
    Burns Management, Cardiology, Cardio-thoracic & Vascular surgery, Emergency Room Packages, General Medicine, General Surgery,
    Interventional Neuroradiology, Medical Oncology, Mental Disorders Packages, Neo-natal care Packages, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Opthalmology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthopaedics, Otorhinolaryngology, Paediatric Medical management, Pediatric surgery, Plastic & reconstructive Surgery, Polytrauma, Radiation Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Urology , pediatric  cancer and Unspecified Surgical Package.

    Find Hospital

    Hospitals, public, private and CHC/Sub Divisional/Model Hospitals have been empanelled under the Scheme. Empanelled hospitals are the only hospitals where the beneficiary is entitled to free cashless treatment (up to the eligible amount) under the Scheme.

    Hospital Empanelment

    For hospital empanelment procedure please visit https://hospitals.pmjay.gov.in

    • Each eligible family as validated in the SECC database (2011) will be eligible and can access medical treatment under the Scheme.
    • Feedback (enclosed as Beneficiary Feedback Form in the folder)
    AB-PMJAY - District wise list of Public hospitals empanelled under AB-PMJAY
    Sl No Name of Hospitals District
    1 Gauhati Medical College & Hospital Kamrup Metro
    2 GMC Cancer Hospital Kamrup Metro
    3 Mohendra Mohan Chaudhary hospital Kamrup Metro
    4 Sonapur district Hospital,Kamrup(M) Kamrup Metro

    Boko PHC/CHC/FRU

    Kamrup Rural
    6 Goroimari CHC Kamrup Rural
    7 Rangia CHC FRU SDCH Kamrup Rural
    8 Hajo BPHC Kamrup Rural
    9 Sontoli PHC Kamrup Rural
    10 Assam Medical College Dibrugarh Dibrugarh
    11 Divisional Railway Hospital, Dibrugarh Dibrugarh
    12 Moran Tiloi CHC Dibrugarh
    13 Naharani CHC Dibrugarh
    15 Lahowal BPHC Dibrugarh
    16 DR Rabi Boro District Civil Hospital,Baksa Baksa
    17 Kumarikata SD Baksa
    18 TAMULPUR CHC Baksa
    19 Fakruddin Ali Ahmend Medical College, Barpeta Barpeta
    20 Barpeta Civil Hospital, Kalgachia Barpeta
    21 Barpeta Road FRU Barpeta
    22 Chenga BPHC Barpeta
    23 SWAHID M.R SDCH, Pathsala Barpeta
    24 Nagoan BPHC Barpeta
    25 Alopati MPHC Barpeta
    26 Mandia Model hospital Barpeta
    27 Biswanath Chariali SDCH Biswanath
    28 Gohpur SDCH Biswanath
    29 Bongaigaon Civil Hospital Bongaigaon
    30 New Bongaigaon Divisional Railway Hospital Bongaigaon
    31 Abhayapuri CHC Bongaigaon
    32 Chalantapara MPHC Bongaigaon
    33 Lengtisingha MPHC Bongaigaon
    34 Manikpur Model Hospital Bongaigaon
    35 Silchar Medical College Cachar
    36 S.M Dev Civil Hospital Cachar
    37 Barjalenga MPHC Cachar
    38 Bikrampur BPHC Cachar
    39 Borkhola PHC Cachar
    40 Dholai BPHC Cachar
    41 Kalain CHC Cachar
    42 Udharbond BPHC Cachar
    43 Sonai PHC Cachar
    44 Narsingha MPHC Cachar
    45 Katigorah Model Hospital Cachar
    46 Sonabarighat SHC Cachar
    47 Sonari SDCH Charaideo
    48 Jwhwlao Swmla Brahma Civil Hospital,Chirang Chirang
    49 Bhetagaon CHC Chirang
    50 Mangaldoi Civil Hospital, Mangaldoi Darrang
    51 Kharupetia CHC Darrang
    52 Dhemaji Civil Hospital Dhemaji
    53 Silapathar Model Hospital Dhemaji
    54 Chimenmukh PHC Dhemaji
    55 Gogamukh CHC Dhemaji
    56 Jonai BPHC Dhemaji
    57 Dhubri Civil Hospital,Dhubri Dhubri
    58 Agomani CHC Dhubri
    59 Chapar CHC Dhubri
    60 Gauripur CHC Dhubri
    61 Golakganj PHC Dhubri
    62 M.G Model Hospital,Bogribari Dhubri
    63 TAMARHAT MPHC Dhubri
    64 Halakura CHC Dhubri
    65 Hafflong Civil Hospital Dima Hasao
    66 Goalpara Civil Hospital Goalpara
    67 Dhudnoi CHC&FRU Goalpara
    68 Ambari Bazar Model Hospital Goalpara
    69 Krishnai MPHC Goalpara
    70 Lakhipur CHC/BPHC Goalpara
    71 Matia Model Hospital Goalpara
    72 Simlitoli MPHC Goalpara
    73 Swahid Kushal Konwar Civil Hospital Golaghat
    74 Dergaon CHC Golaghat
    75 Merapani CHC Golaghat
    76 Swahid Kamala Miri Civil Hospital Golaghat
    77 Sarupathar CHC Golaghat
    78 S.K Roy Civil Hospital Hailakandi
    79 Algapur Model Hospital Hailakandi
    80 Katlichera BPHC Hailakandi
    81 Lala CHC Hailakandi
    82 Doboka CHC Hojai
    83 Lanka BPHC Hojai
    84 Lumding FRU Hojai
    85 MG Model Hospital Nilbagan Hojai
    86 Hojai FRU Hojai
    87 Jorhat Medical College Jorhat
    88 Teok FRU Jorhat
    89 TITABAR SDCH Jorhat
    90 Diphu Medical College Karbi Anglong
    91 Bakalia CHC Karbi Anglong East
    92 Bokajan CHC Karbi Anglong East
    93 Dokmoka MPHC Karbi Anglong East
    94 Howraghat CHC Karbi Anglong East
    95 Donkamokam CHC Karbi Anglong West
    96 Kheroni Model Hospital Karbi Anglong West
    97 Karimganj Civil Hospital Karimganj
    98 Baraigram Model Hospital Karimganj
    99 Chargola MPHC Karimganj
    100 Girishganj Model Hospital Karimganj
    101 RK Nagar MPHC Karimganj
    102 Srigouri CHC Karimganj
    103 Patherkandi CHC Karimganj
    104 Kaliganj MPHC Karimganj
    105 RNB Civil Hospital Kokrajhar
    106 Dotma CHC Kokrajhar
    107 RNB Civil Hospital Kokrajhar
    108 Lakhimpur Civil Hospital Lakhimpur
    109 Bihpuria CHC Lakhimpur
    110 Bongalmora CHC Lakhimpur
    111 Dhakuakhana SDCH Lakhimpur
    112 Laluk Model Hospital Lakhimpur
    113 Nawboicha CHC Lakhimpur
    114 Majuli District Hospital (Garmur SDCH ) Majuli
    115 Morigaon Civil Hospital Morigaon
    116 Bhuragaon SHC Morigaon
    117 Lahorighat Model Hospital Morigaon
    118 M.G Model Hospital,Nakhola Morigaon
    119 Moirabari FRU Morigaon
    120 Bhogeswari Phukanani Civil Hospital Nagaon
    121 Lumding Railway Hospital, NF Railway Nagaon
    122 Jakhalabandha FRU Nagaon
    123 Kampur FRU Nagaon
    124 Kathiatoli Block PHC Nagaon
    125 Silongoni Amtola MPHC Nagaon
    126 Dhing FRU Nagaon
    127 Samaguri BPHC Nagaon
    128 Dagaon BPHC Nagaon
    129 Juria MPHC Nagaon
    130 Kachua Model Hospital Nagaon
    131 Kawaimari FRU Nagaon
    132 Rupahi Model Hospital Nagaon
    133 MCH Wing (BP Civil Hospital) Moukhuli Nagaon
    134 Swahid Mukunda Kakati Civil Hospital,Nalbari Nalbari
    135 Mukalmua FRU Nalbari
    136 Airkata S.C South Salmara ManCachar
    137 Gazarikandi Block PHC South Salmara ManCachar
    138 Mancachar CHC South Salmara ManCachar
    139 Subdivisional Civil Hospital,Panbari South Salmara ManCachar
    140 Sivasagar Civil Hospital Sivasagar
    141 Demow Model Hopital Sivasagar
    142 KSHS SDCH Sivasagar
    143 Tezpur Medical College Sonitpur
    144 Kanaklata Civil Hospital, Tezpur Sonitpur
    145 Dhekiajuli CHC Sonitpur
    146 North Jamugiri CHC Sonitpur
    147 Garubandha SD Sonitpur
    148 LGB Civil Hospital Tinsukia
    149 Digboi CHC Tinsukia
    150 DOOMDOOMA FRU Tinsukia
    151 Mragherita FRU Tinsukia
    152 Chapakhowa FRU Tinsukia
    153 Udalguri Civil Hospital Udalguri
    154 TANGLA CHC Udalguri
    155 Rowta Model Hospital Udalguri
    156 Orang CHC Udalguri